Healthy School

Our school was awarded the Bronze Award for the Health for Life programme in 2015.

We have a whole school approach where our biggest aim is to develop an ethos and environment which promotes the health and wellbeing of all.

Some of the ways in which we address this include the following:

We ensure that healthy food and drink options are available and promoted in our Breakfast Clubs and at Lunchtimes. Children are taught about where their food comes from and the nutritional benefits of each good group through Science and Design Technology. As part of the Health for Life programme, children were able to grow their own food and used it within cookery lessons.

All children are taught a minimum two hours of structured physical activity each week, which includes swimming lessons.

PParent workshops are held throughout the year with the support of external services such as Food Net and the School Nurse.

We have lots of playtime equipment to keep us active during break times.
Enjoying ourselves at break time.

Our salad bar is available for children daily at lunchtime.
Karen, our school cook, regularly reminds children about making healthy choices using interactive displays and whole school competitions.