Inclusion is an ongoing process that celebrates diversity and involves the identification and minimising of barriers to learning and participation that may be experienced by any pupils, irrespective of age, ability, gender, ethnicity, language and social background, and the maximising of resources to reduce these barriers.

Christ Church School minimises barriers to learning and maximises pupil participation in the following ways:

English as an Additional Language

At Christ Church School we undertake to include all children and welcome those who are not able to speak or understand English.

Children arrive at Christ Church having encountered a variety of experiences which impact on their language skills. Our children range from being fluent English users to those who may only use one word responses.

Assessment of EAL pupils enables the Inclusion team to identify their needs and supports the creation of a plan to ensure accelerated progress. The plan will include learning targets and time-limited provision. All children newly arrived from abroad are assessed on the Language in Common QCA EAL Scales and a plan for support is put in place.

Gifted and Talented


  • Gifted - children who have the ability to achieve at the highest level in academic subjects within our school.
  • Talented - children who have the ability to achieve at the highest level in practical subjects within our school.

A maximum of 10% of the school population are identified as Gifted or talented.

Gifted children are provided for in school in the following ways:

  • Planned differentiation in whole class lessons;
  • Planned challenges in lessons;
  • Opportunities to work with older year groups;
  • Opportunities to work with secondary schools;
  • Additional adult support to further accelerate progress.

Talented children in school are supported in the following ways:

  • Clubs that are run during and after school. Our sports clubs also lead to competitive events within the local area and further afield in the city.
  • Specialist musicians work in school with a number of individuals and classes. At present we have the Birmingham Music Service working in school.
  • Children may also be signposted for support which cannot be provided in school.
  • Christ Church is working towards building links with other schools, city specialists in sport and creative arts.

Adult Support

  • We have a main teaching assistant in each year group who supports children through their daily lessons during the morning.
  • The same teaching assistant supports children in their class who have SEND or EAL needs during the afternoon.
  • At present we have a Learning Mentor who supports children to manage their behaviour more effectively.
  • When a pupil has an Education Health Care Plan, additional temporary staff are employed to provide support.

Our teaching assistants attend training in school alongside teachers and they receive training to deliver intervention programmes when required.

We are committed to involving pupils in reviewing and planning their own learning. We are working towards this happening more often in school.


Our Teaching Assistants support SEN children through interventions.
Children are supported either in small groups or ‘one to one’.

We have a number of social groups to help children work out ways to deal with their emotions.
We have daily phonics sessions to help develop phonic awareness.

Children who have English as an additional language have extra teaching to help them achieve whilst at Christ Church.
Children receive extra reading support in order to help develop their comprehension skills.