PATHS and Mindfulness

Pupils at work
The PATHS child of the day wears a special tabbard so that he/she is recognised by everyone across school.

We are continuing to teach the exciting PATHS curriculum across the school.

PATHS stands for Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies and will help our children to recognise emotions and make sensible choices about their own behaviour and that of others.

During the lessons, children are taught to recognise and describe feelings, understanding that all feelings are okay but some feelings are comfortable like being happy or excited and other feelings are uncomfortable like being anxious or annoyed. Children also learn to use control signals to manage their feelings.

Parent workshops have been held for all the parents across school and our lunchtime supervisors have also completed PATHS training.

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Every day a child is chosen randomly in each class to be the 'PATHS Child of the Day.' This child wears a special shirt and is given important jobs to do during the day. At the end of the day, compliments are given to this child by children and staff in their class.

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