Reading and Phonics

Reading at Christ Church School

We love reading at our school. Look at all the fantastic reading activities we do!

Guided reading

We have daily Guided Reading sessions in all classes and our teachers record our progress as we read. We also have homework diaries and we, our teachers and our parents write comments to each other about how well we are doing.

We have lots of books to choose from within our Guided Reading schemes. At Christ Church we have Phonic Bugs, Project X and Rapid Readers. We also take a ‘reading for pleasure’ book home too.

A Guided Reading lesson. We discuss what we are reading and talk about the text and the illustrations.
A Guided Reading lesson. We discuss what we are reading and talk about the text and the illustrations.

We enjoy Guided Reading! We get to show off all of our phonic skills. We work together to help each other to be great readers.

Reading Room

Reading Room

Our Reading Room is full of all the books we need for Guided Reading and the books are all book banded for easy reference.

he reading schemes we use are Phonic Bug, Bug Club, Rapid Readers, Project X and real books.



We visit our brilliant library regularly to choose books that we enjoy. There is a range of fantastic fiction and non-fiction books to choose from.

We have been focusing on developing our knowledge of authors, so, our Library Coordinator has been very busy filling our library with books by new authors for us to enjoy .

Parents in Partnership

Our Mums and Dads come along to our Parent Workshops to find out about how to support us at home with our reading and to learn how to fill in our reading and homework diaries. We are expected to read at home every night and to bring our book bags to school every day

Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure

We have Reading for Pleasure boxes in every class. We can choose books to read and we change the books in this box regularly. Sometimes we even bring books from home in to add to this box.

At Christ Church our English Coordinator is Mrs Cole. We have been part of a special UKLA research project called 'Building Communities of Readers' and we have adopted lots of the ideas to help us develop a life long love of reading.

Teachers as Readers

Every day at 3.00pm our teachers read to us. We sometimes have a class novel. We enjoy this time together and we like it when the teachers change their voices for the characters!

Reading Across the Curriculum

We enjoy using our reading skills in every lesson and our teachers provide opportunities for us to do so in all subjects. In every class there is a book corner filled with books to support our curriculum topics and for us to enjoy.


We can read our Guided Reading books on line at (external link). We have got our own usernames and passwords. We can choose different books to read and we get to complete challenges and build castles or rockets as rewards!

If you would like access to some fantastic eBooks, why not visit (external link). There are over 260 free books for parents to read with their child at home with lots of ideas on how to support your child with reading.

If you would like to know more about or help with reading at Christ Church School, please contact us and ask for Mrs. Westwood our Headteacher who will be able to give you more information.

Teaching Phonics - Letters and Sounds

At Christ Church School we use ‘letters and sounds’ to teach Phonics.

We have a 25 minute daily phonics session where we learn about how to read and write using our phonic knowledge.

We play lots of different phonic games which help us understand how sounds make words and we use words to make sentences. We use the Interactive Whiteboard to play games and learn new phonemes and graphemes.

In Year 1 we know that some sounds can be written more than one way. How many 'tricky words' do you know?

Why not visit PhonicsPlay and Family Learning (external links) to play some games and see for yourself!

A daily phonics session.
Playing a phonics game.

Learning 'tricky words'.
More games to help with phonics.