Your Child Matters to Us

At Christ Church School we put the child at the centre of all we do and proactively work towards all children staying healthy, being safe, enjoying school, achieving their potential, making a positive contribution towards society, and ensuring they achieve economic well being.

Children are supported to achieve this by receiving high quality first teaching, thematic programmes of study which put high expectations, British Values and SMSC at the core, time limited interventions, out of hours provision, school clubs, daily collective worship and school events.

When school requires additional support outside agencies are consulted and in some cases become involved with specific pupils. Christ Church follows the LA guidance and procedures for Child Protection and Safeguarding. All staff receive regular, routine training in Child Protection.

Christ Church Primary School also makes targeted use of Pupil Premium funding in order support the achievement of all children.


Brainy Bear - our attendance mascot.

For children to be able to learn effectively they should be in school every day. We have a whole school target of 96% and we expect all children to meet this.

As a school we monitor attendance weekly and our Attendance Coordinator, Mrs. Westwood works with staff, pupils and parents where attendance is an issue. We are also very lucky to have Big Community working with us to ensure our attendance remains over our target.

We regularly reward good attendance with certificates for 96% attendance and above in a special termly assembly. Each week the class with the highest attendance is rewarded in assembly with a certificate and our attendance mascot, Brainy Bear, visits that class to learn alongside the children.

At the end of each term, the class who has achieved the highest attendance overall receives a very special prize!

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At Christ Church School we expect children to behave in a respectful way. Good behaviour is rewarded and inappropriate behaviour dealt with using a range of sanctions. At this Christian school Christ's message of forgiveness is implicit in all we do. It is always made clear that it is the behaviour we find unacceptable not the child.

We work co-operatively with parents to identify the reasons for poor behaviour and plan positively to help children overcome problems. We expect parents to do the same.

Playground rules.
Lunchtime behaviour rules.

'Think again wall'.
Our House points board.

Christ Church Weekly Awards

Star Pupil board.

Each week we have a 'Star Pupil' assembly.

Two children from each class are rewarded for either behaviour or excellent work and this is shared with the whole school. The children each receive a certificate from their teacher; these are displayed on our special board in the main hall for all to see.

Behaviour Awards

Each term we have a very special awards ceremony for children who have behaved exceptionally either in class, at lunchtime or in the dinner hall.

Parents are invited by a 'golden letter' to this celebration and we have a special photo gallery for award winners in our reception area. Each winner also receives a special badge and golden certificate.


The children enjoy playing with our new play time equipment.
The children act out plays and perform dances on our playground stage.

We keep healthy by making healthy choices at lunchtime.
The children keep safe when going out on walks by wearing hi-visibility vests, walking with their partner and having regular head counts.

The children work hard in lessons to ensure they achieve well.
Children in Class 1 enjoy using puppets to help them learn.