School Council

This year, our School Council is made up of two elected representatives from each class between Years 2 and 6.

Children interested in representing the views of their classmates wrote individual manifestos and made a speech to their class. These outlined their suitability for the role as well as their ideas and aspirations for making their school an even better place to be part of. Each class then voted on who they felt would represent them best!

The School Council meets regularly to discuss the issues that are important to the children, whether that be inside school or in their local community. Our councillors are eager to raise awareness and funds for charities close to their homes and hearts; for example, their annual Harvest collections for ‘Sparkhill Food Bank’ and other local organisations.

Year School Councillors
Year 2 Aisha and Mustafa
Year 3 Nasser and Rayann
Year 4 Fatima and Mohamed
Year 5 Habban and Maryam
Year 6 Rayan and Fatima

A Note from your Councillors

Hi everyone! We hope this finds you well. We are so excited to represent the views of all the children in Christ Church, it is such an honour and we will try to live up to the responsibility.

This year, we want to find ways to serve our school, local, national and global community by:

  • Litter picking around Sparkbrook in conjunction with the active members in the area.
  • Supporting different charities locally, nationally and globally and promoting Courageous Advocacy.
  • Continue to support and communicate with our link school abroad regarding projects.
  • Improving our facilities on the playground (suggestions from fellow pupils)
  • Review our lunch menu.
  • Half termly share School Council News in the Newsletter.


We meet regularly to discuss projects or suggestions from the rest of the school.

Each meeting is chaired by the School Council co-ordinators (Miss Begum and Miss Parvaz) and minutes are collated by them as well. The rest of the meeting is run by us! We choose which tasks we need to complete, what events or initiatives we need to discuss, we check our calendars and organise which decisions/issues we need to take back to our classes for a vote or discussion.

School Council News

Here at Christ Church, giving back and having fun are important to us; therefore, we want to ensure that you get to see and read about all of the special events and initiatives organised by us.