Early Years

We all love exploring in Early Years!

The Nursery and Reception children work alongside each other throughout the day in our Early Years Unit.

There is time for child-initiated and free flow play, exploration and investigation as well as lots of opportunities to work with an adult in one to one and small group sessions.

During the day we also have whole class and small group teaching sessions for Phonics and Mathematics. Each day the children are exposed to and can choose from a wide range of exciting, stimulating and challenging activities. The children learn many skills which provide a firm foundation on which to build future learning. We aim to provide a happy, fun, safe, caring and stimulating environment for children in which they can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Children are encouraged to develop their own theories about the world and how it works. Their ideas and opinions are valued and respected by adults and the other children, thereby creating an environment in which children can develop and grow not being afraid to make mistakes and learn.

Our Learning

At Christ Church C. of E. Primary School in the Early Years Unit we base our Teaching, Learning and Assessment practices on ‘Planning in the Moment’. This approach is grounded in research and enables the EYFS team to support learning and development within both individual learning packages and small group and whole class sessions.

Our outcomes for children have improved year on year and this year 2018/19 our ‘Good Level of Development’ (GLD) was 78%, this is higher than the National Average and the Local Authority.

We adhere to the Curriculum Guidance for The Early Years Foundation Stage and alongside both Parents/Carers and other professionals we ensure the best outcomes for all of our children.



Some other activities we have been doing in EYFS: