At Christ Church School we expect children to behave in a respectful way. Good behaviour is rewarded and inappropriate behaviour dealt with using a range of sanctions. At this Christian school Christ's message of forgiveness is implicit in all we do. It is always made clear that it is the behaviour we find unacceptable not the child.

We work co-operatively with parents to identify the reasons for poor behaviour and plan positively to help children overcome problems. We expect parents to do the same.

Playground rules.
Lunchtime behaviour rules.

'Think again wall'.
Our House points board.

Christ Church Weekly Awards

Star Pupil board.

Each week we have a 'Star Pupil' assembly.

Two children from each class are rewarded for either behaviour or excellent work and this is shared with the whole school. The children each receive a certificate from their teacher; these are displayed on our special board in the main hall for all to see.

Behaviour Awards

Each term we have a very special awards ceremony for children who have behaved exceptionally either in class, at lunchtime or in the dinner hall.

Parents are invited by a 'golden letter' to this celebration and we have a special photo gallery for award winners in our reception area. Each winner also receives a special badge and golden certificate.

Behaviour Award Winners - Summer Term 2019

Classroom Behaviour
Nursery Amelia Sanhar, Hussain Mehmood
Reception Elijah Richards, Salma Sanibako
Year 1 Zahra Zeeshan, Musa Khan
Year 2 Hunood Yafai, Luai Ali
Year 3 Muhammed Sanibako, Marium Abdorab
Year 4 Laiba Saghir, Zoyan Warraich
Year 5 Romana Ahmed, Saoud Al-Dehayem
Year 6 Bareerah Janbaz, Muath Hunaiber
Lunchtime Behaviour
Nursery Shaan Baig, Hawaa Zamen
Reception Areeba Mehmood, Nasser Bajabee
Year 1 Subhan Ali, Shirya Odedra
Year 2 Sufian Afzal, Angel Adeyemi
Year 3 Suhan Mufushir, Zainab Hunaibar
Year 4 Ahmad Abu-Saaiba, Ameera Begum
Year 5 Mustafa Quaid, Intissare Mohammed
Year 6 Ervin Hallovic, Shafia Kazm
Marvellous Manners
Summer Term Inaaya Hussain, Kiarno Shaw
Breakfast Club
Year 3 Yusuf Ali
Year 5 Kainaat Nasir