Draft Enrichment Offer

As you will be aware, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, opportunities for all of us to have enriching life experiences have been more limited. Children have been particularly impacted by restrictions placed on everyone over the last two years.

As a result, staff at Christ Church have been working hard to develop a draft enrichment offer that significantly enhances enrichment for pupils at Christ Church, so that throughout their eight years with us they have a broad range of experiences far beyond anything we have had before.

Over the coming weeks and months, staff will be putting into place elements of the offer, so that in time this rich provision is fully in place.

We are sure you will be excited by the plans we have as a school. We value our partnership with families, so if you have ideas or even contacts that may be able to contribute to the draft enrichment offer, please do contact a member of the leadership team.

Below we detail some of the proposed elements of the enrichment offer, which is beginning to be implemented across the school.

A Broad and Comprehensive Offer

If a child joins us in Nursery, they will be at Christ Church for eight years. During that time we aim for pupils to have experiences that develop skills in:

  • Performing arts such as singing, dance and acting
  • Personal development and leadership
  • Community action
  • Leadership
  • Healthy lifestyles such as sport and strong mental and physical health
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Work between different faiths and age groups

Outreach Relationships

In order to achieve this curricular offer, over the last term we have been actively working to set up partnerships with other organisations who can give our pupils rich experiences into the future. One such taster event was last week, where pupils had exciting performing arts workshops with Birmingham Ormiston Academy based on ‘The Lion King’. Partnerships that are developing include:

  • Birmingham Ormiston Academy
  • King Edwards Grammar School
  • King Edwards Girls School
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet

Over time we will continue to deepen these relationships to provide children with excellent enrichment experiences and will be actively seeking further partnerships where appropriate, to continue to build our offer.

Educational Visits

Educational visits will be an important part of the school’s offer. Our teachers will work to provide a termly educational visit for pupils that is related to the school’s curricular aims. The school is aware of the current cost of living crisis and the pressures on family finances right now. As a result, we are working very hard to keep the voluntary contributions we ask for as low as possible. Within our Charging and Remissions arrangements, we have reduced the contributions we ask for from families with pupils with pupil premium by half.

We are currently making arrangements for a ‘residential’ visit, where pupils will be able to stay overnight at a location and carry out a range of exciting activities while they are there. Carrying out a residential visit will be a new and exciting development for the school, which we intend to be an annual event. Please look out for more information coming soon.

Over time we will be looking to develop and evolve our educational visits, so if you become aware of any venues or places that may be exciting for our children, please feel free to suggest them.

Sport and Healthy Lifestyles

Part of our enrichment offer is to work in partnership with families to help pupils develop a healthy body and mind.

This year we are planning for each class to carry out parent workshops on further developing healthy lifestyles which could include subjects ranging from mental wellbeing to eating healthily. In addition, Mrs Collins our Senior Mental Health Lead, has set up a working party to continue to develop our approach in supporting the children’s healthy minds.

In the future, we will be hoping to work collaboratively with other schools to establish more inter school sporting competitions, where your support is always welcome.

Following a successful bid, this year we received funding to have our Commonwealth Games Cultural Food Festival on Wednesday 13th July. This year, we will be looking forward to having a larger annual ‘Sports Day’, which is planned to be a more comprehensive event than the school has ever had, where we look forward to many families getting involved in the physical activity!

Please see below some of the exciting enrichments the draft enrichment offer the school is working to establish: