Event - Barnabas RE Day

13 April 2016

On Wednesday 13th April, our children were very fortunate to take part in Barnabas RE day. The day was incredibly well received by pupils and staff, and the themes were relevant, contemporary and reinforced the ethos of the school.

The lower key stage children got the opportunity to explore the theme: Who is your neighbour? The workshops explored issues involved in caring for others, the nature of compassion and the building blocks that form creative communities.

The upper key stage children focussed on the theme: It's not fair! The workshop involved using Bible stories that relate to issues of personal, social and global justice. It included material that draws on the dramatic messages spoken by the Old Testament prophets as well as the stories of Jesus, which focus on how we should treat others and in particular those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

The session also included consideration of a real-life story related to the issue of fair trade, which involved a child of primary-school age from the developing, majority world.

The children loved singing along.
The children listening intently to the Bible stories.

Acting out the Bible stories.
Sharing ideas during circle time.