Event - EYFS Inspire: Making Bird Boxes

9 May 2013

Kika Kozar, a local artist who lives and works in Moseley, came in to help us make bird boxes as part of our project about caring for animals and our world.

First we painted the milk cartons. Then we painted the roof. We had to use the hair dryer to dry the paint.

After that we added little twigs to the roof. We used sellotape and rubber bands to hold them in place. Next we put straw and feathers inside To make it cosy and safe for the birds and their eggs.

We had great fun – thank you to all of our grown ups who came in to help us.

Painting our milk cartons.
Adding twigs to the roof.

Some dads helped us paint our bird boxes.
Mum helped put the roof on.

We are very pleased with our bird boxes and hope that the little birds like them too.