Event - Charity Week

24 to 28 January 2011

In January we held our 'Charity Week'. During the week we learned about different charities through visitors to school and trips out. We learned about what it means to be charitable and that it isn't always about giving money.

We collected litter in the local area and all week tried to help others at home and in school. During the week we collected loose change in a big bottle; we managed to fill the bottle and donated the money to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Islamic Relief came to speak about the importance of helping others.
Year 6 did a fantastic job helping clear up the rubbish left in Farm Park.

Look how many 1p coins we collected!
Showing off some of the fantastic work we did during the week.

Fabulous art work from Year 6 for the Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Early Years took a trip to Barnardos. We like to do our bit to help others.