Event - Eid Assembly

11 November 2011

On Friday 11th November, Years 5 and 6 led the Eid assembly. The hall was full of excited parents and children. The atmosphere was amazing!

The children told us all about the story of Eid ul Adha and sang an Eid nasheed. We had a stunning fashion show and some wonderful dancing! There was even a quiz at the end to test who had been listening carefully!

The children had the quiz questions prepared and ready for the specially chosen teachers!
The four dancers twirled and twisted to the music!

The children showed off their beautiful Eid clothes during the fashion show!
It was lovely seeing all the bright colours the children were wearing.

The children took part in a role play which highlighted the importance of sacrifice.
The story of sacrifice, as mentioned in the Qur'an, was shared by the children.

Year 6 smiling proudly after the assembly.
Year 5 relaxing for a photograph after their hard work!