Event - Eid Celebration Assembly

16 September 2016

On Friday 16th September, the whole school was involved in the Eid Celebration Assembly. The beautifully decorated hall was full of excited parents, family members and children.

Year 6 informed everyone about the story of Prophet Ibrahim and his sacrifice – with a little help off Andy from CCbeebies! Year 4 performed a fantastic dance and Year 3 showed off their clothes with a fashion show. The younger children showed us henna patterns which they had designed. At the end Year 5 tested how well we had been listening with a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz.

All the staff came dressed in their Eid clothes.
Year 6 explaining the story of Eid ul Adha to Andy.

Dressed up for the fashion show!.
The Year 4 dancers.

Showing off Henna patterns.
Time to be tested by Year 5.