Event - Enterprise Week and Summer Fair

13 to 24 May 2013

During Enterprise Week (13 to 17 May) we learnt all about how to run a business. We worked hard all week on our business ideas. Each class thought about what they could make to sell at our Summer Fair. The idea was to make as much profit as they could.

Year 3 became chocolatiers, they had lots of fun! Miss Johns was very tired at the end of the week but she was excited at the prospect of selling her children’s new chocolate inventions at the Summer Fair.

Enterprise Week was very educational, successful and fun!

Mrs Pecheur announced that Year 1 made an amazing £40.95 profit so their special reward was an afternoon of fun watching a brand new DVD with popcorn!

As a school we made an amazing profit of £869.25 for our school fund!

Here are just a few quotes from the children about Enterprise week and the Summer Fair:

"I felt excited because all the classes were selling their things." Tanisha, Y1

"Although classes in Christ Church School worked extremely hard during Enterprise week they also had a great deal of fun, working together, determined to win the mystery prize." Hamza, Y6

"My favourite bit was when we made our fix-it-biscuit posters because we used our artistic skills." Awais, Y5

Super keyrings made by Year 1.
Year 4 proudly displayed their posters advertising their bracelets for sale.

Reception made beautiful plaques using clay and other materials.
Year 3 became chocolatiers.