Event - Ernest Cook Trust Art Project

May 2018

During May 2018, Christ Church CE Primary School in Sparkbrook, Birmingham were awarded a grant from The Ernest Cook Trust in order to help raise the profile of Art and Design Technology. This was a target which they were given to work on by Ofsted.

An artist came into school and launched a whole school assembly describing the exciting project which the school would be involved in.

Each class took part in a workshop where they worked alongside the artist exploring shades and tones. As part of this activity, children also learnt about primary and secondary colours.

After some time experimenting and planning, children were given a plain disc to paint and then decorate in any way they wished to. Each class was given a specific colour to experiment with. The discs would be used to contribute towards a wonderful whole school mural.

Meanwhile, the artist was busily preparing the wall in the school’s Spiritual Garden which is where the children’s special Art work would be displayed.

Finally, our much–awaited mural is ready... a beautiful tree displaying a decorated disc from every child in our school!