Event - Health Week

14 May 2012

The week beginning 14th May was Health Week at Christ Church School.

Throughout the week the children learnt different ways of keeping healthy both physically and mentally. They saw many visitors who showed them how to dance, how to keep clean, how to relax and many more interesting things.

Here is a snippet of what we got up to in Health Week.

Year 6 on their trip to Harborne Cricket Club. They had also been swimming at the new leisure centre.
The teachers enjoyed doing Tai Chi to help them get ready for the school day.

The whole school had fun doing the Speed Mark Challenge! The highest score recorded was 45mph. Some children were even sponsored up to £75 to do this challenge.
Here is Nora, Miss Apter's sister, teaching Year 5 a relaxation technique that involved concentrating on your breathing.

Year 2 doing their ten thousand step challenge. Unfortunately we only managed to do five thousand steps in fifty minutes. It was so tiring!
The whole school learnt how to keep their teeth and hands clean.