Event - Inter-Faith and Cultural Week

14 to 18 November 2016

The children took part in Inter–Faith and Cultural Week.

An assembly was held on the Monday by Reverend Richard to introduce the event which was then followed by other visitors from other faiths to who conducted assemblies. Each class was assigned one of the major world religions to study.

Throughout the week the children learnt about religious symbols, festivals, places of worship and practices. As part of Inter-Faith Week, classes visited the Shree Mandir, Sparkhill Gudwara, Singers Hill Synagogue, Central Mosque and St Agathas Church.

Furthermore, throughout the week, each class chose to learn about a country or continent from across the world including South Africa, Britain, China, America, India, Greece and Spain. Everyone had a chance to experience traditional music, foods and write in other languages and do some art work. This also included making fact files of that country.

The whole week culminated with a ‘Showcase’ event where each class had a chance to show what they had learnt over the week. We enjoyed looking at some African necklaces, hearing children say words in Chinese and Spanish and showing us some art work. We were really amazed with children doing some flamenco dancing. In addition to this, the children dressed up in the traditional dress or flag colours of their chosen country.

The children also shared information about the religion they were learning about. We were impressed with the research, display boards and power point presentations which were shown to us.

The children displayed utmost respect and understanding for different faith and cultures and really worked hard to make Christ Church Primary School’s Interfaith and Cultural Week a huge success.

Nursery and Reception were exploring the culture of China.
Early Years visited St Agatha’s Church.

Year 1 made exciting cross-curricular links to Spain.
Year 2 made African necklaces as part of learning about Africa. They also visited the Shree Mandir.

Year 3 looked at the Indian culture.
Year 3 visited the Singers hill Synagogue and made clay models.

Year 3 created an amazing collage depicting the Indian culture.
Year 4 explored the Buddhist faith.

Year 5 visited the Gurdwara and shared a PowerPoint on what they learnt about Sikhism.
Year 6 visited the Central Mosque. They made models of the Mosque as part of their art work.