Event - Inter-Faith and Cultural Week

13 to 17 November 2017

The Christ Church family took part in Inter-Faith and Cultural Week where they embarked upon a fantastic journey of exploration, enriching their knowledge, displaying tolerance of other beliefs and faiths, as well as taking part in some fantastic hands-on-activities.

Reverend Richard launched the spectacular week with children and staff on Monday. The key message was to love your neighbour as you would love yourself. During the course of the week this was a message which was obvious in all major beliefs.

On Tuesday, Rabbi Margaret was able to share some very important information about the Jewish faith. Children were able to view the Torah which had to be held carefully. It was amazing to have a female Rabbi in school as a role model for the children.

On Wednesday, Johda Singh visited us and imparted some fantastic knowledge on the Sikh faith. His lively character, information and questioning certainly created a buzz in the hall as children were excited to further research the Sikh faith.

On Thursday, Ashok from the Hindu temple was able to share some great knowledge on what could be seen at a temple as well as some common greetings.

Friday was a whole school ‘Showcase’ where children shared their new acquired knowledge with the rest of the school. Each class dresses up in a traditional outfit for their country or the colours of the flag. Everyone enjoyed listening and watching the range of activities showcased by the different year groups. Have a look at the snaps below to see what we all got up to.

The children at Christ Church also got take part in Cultural Week and were assigned a country or continent from across the globe to research and learn more about. This was a fantastic opportunity to display tolerance and explore the wider community that we are all part of. The countries that we explore in-depth were: England focusing on traditions and Parliament, Greece, America, India, Africa, Spain and China. There was a range of activities from traditional dance, music, exploration of traditions as well as art.

Overall, the week was a phenomenal success where children displayed respect and understanding for different faiths and cultures.

Reception explored China and entertained the crowd with a traditional Chinese stick dance.
Year 1 had some fantastic facts to share about Spain and their trip to the Church.

Year 2 put on a fabulous performance with some traditional African drumming sounds as well as some animal moves.
Year 3 ‘blew’ the crowd away with the amount of new knowledge they had on Judaism and India.

Year 4 created an amazing display on Buddhism whilst sharing some amazing new findings.
Year 5 entertained us with a traditional Greek danceand shared their recounts of their trip to the Guru Nanak Gurdwara.

Year 6 shared some important information on Parliament and British Values. It was a ‘thumbs up’ from them when they quizzed the rest of the school.