Event - Maths Week

28 January 2013

Maths week was launched on 28th January 2013.

During this week each class had an exciting cross curricular challenge, they also learned about how Numeracy was used in a range of jobs people do. They presented their work at a whole school presentation at the end of the week. In addition to that, there was a whole school competition based upon identifying Maths in our school environment.

The children and staff loved doing the Maths challenges and learned a lot about the application of mathematical skills.

EYFS developed their own Tangram gallery. Here they are using sandwiches to learn about the relationship between squares, triangles and fractions.
Year 1 designed a brand new Maths Board Game. Each group named their games and wrote maths problems for it.

Year 2 competed in their own mini Olympics. Here the children have designed medals with different 2d shapes and ranked their scores.
Year 3 compiled their own Christ Church Record Book. How many chocolate buttons could you balance on your face?

Year 4 devised a brand new Numeracy based quiz show. They researched ‘Play Your Cards Right’.
Year 5 developed a brand new winter fashion range. Here they are modelling their hats.

Year 6 worked out who could build the strongest bridge.