Event - Nursery Reading Workshop

14 January 2013

In January Arabella the Story Teller came to our school. Our grown ups came to listen too.

Arabella told us a story about a very hungry caterpillar. We made wriggly caterpillars with pipe cleaners. We made them wriggle and squirm all around. We made them grow long by stretching them out and then curling them back to make them short again.

We read through the story talking about all the food that the greedy and wriggly caterpillar ate. What did he eat on Monday? How many pears did he eat? What did he eat on Saturday?

After he had eaten all the food the caterpillar spun himself a little house and went inside for a very long sleep. Can you remember what his house is called?

When he came out... What a surprise! We talked about how the caterpillar changed into a butterfly. He flew around and landed on some of our heads. He even landed on Aqsa’s Mum! What colour was the butterfly? What is your favourite colour?

After the story we played some games. We had to sort out the food into the colour hoops.

We had great fun! Come back soon Arabella.

Making wriggly catterpillars with pipe cleaners.
We wondered what the catterpillar had eaten?

The butterfly landed on Aqsa's mum!
We played games.

We flew around waving our coloured wings.