Event - RSC 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Project

8 to 12 July 2016

All at school are so proud of the twenty children who acted in a professional production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon.

The twenty children were split into two groups of ten – red and blue. Red group performed on the Friday evening and on the Saturday matinee and evening performances. Blue group performed on the Monday and Tuesday.

The children dazzled their parents on the Saturday and Tuesday evenings. Members of the extended Christ Church family also watched on the Tuesday evening.

The photos below were taken from the children’s technical rehearsal on Friday 8th July and Monday 11th July.

What a performance and what an experience. The children were given so many compliments about their talents, application and behaviour. We look forward to working with the RSC next year!

Red Group arrive at the RSC.
Georgia from the RSC explains where Red Group need to go.

Red Group hide Puck.
Red Group get ready to deliver their lines.

Red Group practice delivering their lines.
Red Group work on their voice projection.

Titania and Oberon have a disagreement.
Red Group have a vocal warm up with the Musical Director before their song.

The vocal warm up continues.
Red Group perform their song in position.

The adult fairies with Red Group.
Mrs Westwood and Mr Whitehouse are star struck with Titania.

Blue Group hide puck with guidance from Kim, one of the directors.
Blue Group perform the Bergomask Dance with the adult actors.

The Bergomask Dance continues...
The children in Blue Group prepare.

Practising her line.
Blue Group give their blessings.

Titania speaks to her fairies.
The fairies are not happy with what Oberon has to say.

Blue Group ‘project’ their voices into the circle.
Kim gives Blue Group dancing tips.