Event - Year 6 Shakespearience

May 2015

For the last few months, the children in Year 6 have been working with the RSC for a performance of Henry IV.

As part of their topic, the Tudors, the children were chosen to take part in the performance, alongside St Albans, Clifton, Ark rose and, Ark Kings schools which took place at the famous Swan Theatre in Shakespeare’s Birthplace: Stratford-upon-Avon.

On the day of the performance, the pupils had to arrive to school really early in order to get to Stratford for their dress rehearsal. The children were stunned by the spectacular stage and auditorium and acted very professionally on stage when going through their lighting cues.

When the performance began, the parents faces were a picture as they sat in the front rows watching their children perform. The year 6 pupils did a remarkable job of performing the Shakespearian Play with such passion and determination and were by far some of the best performers on the day.

Mrs Westwood was blown away by the children’s performances and the support of the staff and parents. It was a fantastic experience for the children, a once in a lifetime opportunity, which we hope they will never forget. Well Done Year 6!