Event - Year 3 and 4 visit St Andrews

16 June 2011

On Wednesday 16th June Year 3 and 4 went on a very special trip as part of our topic on sport. We visited St Andrews, the home ground of Birmingham City Football Club.

We got to walk down the tunnel. We imagined what this would be like on match day with 30,000 fans cheering you.

Once a week a man visits with a Hawk Eagle. Other birds can smell that a big bird has been here, so they stay away from the ground. This means Birmingham City has a nice pitch as birds can't eat the grass seed.

We found out lots of interesting information and also took part in a competition.

We stood right next to the pitch.
Walking down the tunnel.

The Hawk Eagle at the ground.
We also got to hold the Carling Cup that Birmingham City won. Well done Blues!