Event - Year 1 at Warwick Castle

23 February 2016

As part of our Topic WOW Start, Year 1 travelled to Warwick Castle to meet the famous people from British History – The Kings and Queens.

We explored the grounds of the castle and discussed its features. We talked about different materials the castle was made from and we discussed the life of the people who lived there.

We were immersed in a magical world of legends and we made shields to protect ourselves from the dragons.

We arrive at the castle.
Cobbled entrance. 'Oh this feels funny and it is bumpy!'

The Saxons fighting against the Normans. ‘Watch out for the arrows!’
All the armour and weapons: swords, shields, helmets, jousting poles.

Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded ,survived - the six wifes of King Henry VIII.
Meeting her Royal Highness for the story: ‘The Smallest Knight’.

Stained glass windows.
‘Look at my shield. I am getting ready for the battle.’

Peacock showing off. ‘It looks like a hundred eyes!’.
The fierce army is prepared for the battle.