Event - Year 1 at Blakesley Hall

January 2015

Class 1 have visited Blakesley Hall to find out about toys from the past. We were investigating, experimenting with different kinds of toys and we were looking at different materials they were made of.

We enjoyed playing with the toys and seeing how they were different from our toys today. We also loved dressing up in the old fashioned clothes and looking around the house where the toys and their owners used to live.

Meeting the rich owners of the house and their loyal servants.
This house was made out of wood and we measuring how wide the house was. The house was so much different than our homes.

The owners at the dining table waiting for their twelve children to join them for breakfast.
Resting in the children’s bedroom – head to toe.

We played catching quoits. You had to throw the quoits that were made out of ropes onto the wooden stick.
Wooden horses to ride on. What a joy!

We were practicing our self-defence skills using toy swards made of wood and ropes.
We played with Bartholomew baby doll. Dolls in the past were made out of wood and the girls would make clothes for them out of fabrics.