Event - Year 2 Circus Skills Fun Day

8 July 2019

8th of July 2019, Year 2 took part in a whole school fun day. We were learning different circus skills. What a fun day it was!

We learnt a dance routine. We showed super listening skills.
We were throwing sticks to each other without using our hands. Even the teachers had a go. They were looking at the sticks very carefully.

We were concentrating. We were ready to perform.
We did very well. What great coordination!

We practised our balance. Walking across the rope seemed an impossible task to do. We did wobble a lot but we didn’t give up.
We were good at keeping our balance.

Is this bike the right size? Do you think you would be able to ride it?
Reflection time. We thought about our strengths and shared them with our friends and teachers.

The teacher helped us design our leaves and write compliments for ourselves.
We made a tree and gave ourselves compliments.

What a great compliment.
What a mature attitude.

Making our leaves.
Cutting, drawing and writing.

What an amazing ending to the day. We were such great musicians. We played African drums.
We were singing and moving our bodies to the dynamic rhythm of the music.