Event - Year 2 Space Dome Experience

17 October 2018

Year 2 had their WOW Topic Start with an exciting space experience. We came to school dressed up as aliens and astronauts and had lots of fun exploring space. We discovered space in a huge silver dome that visited our school.

It is us. Aliens and Astronauts.
We designed and created our robots.

We worked on rockets for our special friends from space.
We used 2D shapes to make the rockets.

Preparing for 3D rocket construction.
Our friends were awake and they took us to space.

We tried space food. Yuk.
The space ship was waiting for us.

Time to get in. Spacesuits were waiting for us inside.
Landing on the Moon.

First steps on the moon.
Look! How small our planet is.

Space capsule brought a robot to look for life on Mars.
Too cold or too hot. Our planet just right in the Goldilocks Zone.

This is what you use to wash your body in space.
A floating toothbrush. How do you brush your teeth in space?

And…. How do you go to the toilet if everything floats in space…..?
Very importants astronauts. Do you know what their names are?

Do you know who this is?