Event - Year 2 Space Trip

7 November 2017

On Tuesday 7th November Year 2 travelled on an adventure to space in a special rocket that had landed in our school hall. We were thrilled to explore different constellations in the sky, dark and light and different forces.

We had to take off our shoes before entering the rocket. Do you know why?
We had to listen to and follow the instructions carefully. Also, we had to be very quiet as noise in space travels differently than on Earth.

Through the tight tunnel where the warm air was blowing through my hair. It made me wonder where the path would lead me.
It was very dark and uncomfortable; however, we could see our planet. The Earth was mostly covered with water and we could identify the seven continents on it. What a remarkable view!

It was spectacular! We were star gazing. I was flabbergasted. There were so many beautiful and twinkling stars above our heads. They looked like precious gems.
We listened to a mythological, love story about a Lady on the Moon and a brave soldier called Orion, who was killed by a sting of a scorpion. It can be easily identified by the three stars on his belt.

We were trying to touch the sun but it was very, very hot. It wasn’t the safest idea. Did you know that it is dangerous to look directly at the sun?
We found out that the sun is so large that 1 million 3 hundred thousand Earths could fit inside. It is made of a hot ball if hydrogen and helium. It makes its own light.

Different light sources were bouncing of the walls, reflecting light. We listened to the story about light and magic fire. The wishes of the people were thrown into the fire and the fable says that they only came true when Anita wished for something for others.
We learned about different forces and that they cannot work alone. They need to have an opposite action. Air being pushed out of the balloon forces the balloon move the balloon to move into opposite direction.

Based on a simple experiment we talked about the North and South Pole on Earth. We wanted to jump up and stay floating up but it turned out impossible. Did you know that it is due to gravity on Earth. It always pulls out down. Did you know we shouldn’t give high fives in space as it could leave you floating in spaqce forever.
However, we managed to escape the Earth’s gravity using a rocket full of powerful fuel. The floor underneath our feet was rumbling furiously as we blasted off into space … to be continued…

We made an experiment to see how powerful rockets need to be to take off. It was very noisy.Fun and intriguing though.