Event - Year 6 British Values Play Day

13 October 2015

Britain isn’t all about being British. It is about embracing cultures and beliefs around the world. And that’s what makes Great Britain Great!

Year 6 took part in a British Values play day to learn about the British culture through drama and role play led by The Konflux theatre company . They then presented it the rest of the school children, staff and parents.

The children learnt a lot of amazing things which are well known to be British, one of the few mentioned were tea and fish and chips. But, did you know that fish and chips were first popular in France in the 17th century? France is where the fried chip was born!! Later on in 1863, Mr Lees opened a Fish and chip shop in Lancashire. Apparently Joseph Malin first opened a Fish and chip shop in London!

Another fact we learnt was about tea - in 2737 BC, an Emperor called Shen Nung discovered tea in his back garden. Tea leaves fell from the tree into his hot boiling water. Leaves infused the water and made tea!

We also learnt the importance of the Royal family in the British History. Great Britain celebrates jubilee every year. It has been the longest reigning Monarch (63 years).

It was a great experience for year 6 and they really enjoyed interacting and taking part in the play.