Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 each morning, we learn Mathematics, English and Guided Reading. There is a big emphasis on teaching children phonics to help them with their reading and writing. The children are enjoying using our Guided Reading scheme ‘Phonic Bugs’ and can enjoy and share their reading books electronically at home or on the ‘go’.

In the afternoons, we study a range of subjects including Geography, History, Art and Design Technology, Music Science, PE, RE, PATHS and Computing. These subjects are taught through our Topics. We aim for our curriculum to be creative and stimulating at all times and for it to ensure that the children really engage with and enjoy their learning in order to achieve high standards of academic attainment.

Learning through topics helps the children to make links, as our intent is learning to be based on real experience and to recognise the importance of children’s independence and autonomy.

Year 1

Across the year, Year 1 will be learning through topics such as: Superheroes, Animals, Toys, Castles and Nature Detectives.

In Science, Year 1 will be learning about: Humans and other animals, Grouping and Classifying Materials and Weather and Seasons.

In Computing, children will be learning about E-Safety and basic computer skills such as gathering Data, creating Charts and debugging simple programs.

Year 2

Across the year, Year 2 will be investigating Topics such as: The Great Fire of London, Animals from around the World and, ‘To Infinity and Beyond (Space)’.

In Science, Year 2 will be learning about: Living Things Including Plants, Space, and Changing Materials.

In Computing, children will be developing their knowledge and understanding of E-Safety and computer skills. Children will be interpreting Graphs and Charts, creating topic based E-books and debugging simple programs.

Across the year, many opportunities will be given to children to take part in a number of further enrichment activities and after school clubs.

Wow! What a busy year. Please check our special events pages to see how we are getting on.

Curriculum Overviews

  • Year 1 - Autumn Term 2019 (pdf)
  • Year 2 - Autumn Term 2019 (pdf)


To infinity and beyond - WOW start in Year 2.
Using computers to support learning across the curriculum in Year 2.

Year 1 children visiting a local farm.
When Royalty visited Year 1.