Key Stage 2

At Christ Church CE School, our curriculum comprises all the learning and other experiences that we plan to meet the needs and interest of our pupils. It is constantly evolving to develop the skills needed for children to become successful learners, help prepare them for life in modern Britain and empower them to achieve success in the future.

Our intent is to deliver a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, which contributes to the substantial growth in pupils’ knowledge, promotes very positive attitudes to learning in preparation for life in modern Britain and ensures our children achieve well.

We aim to provide our children with the skills and knowledge which an individual can draw on to give them an advantage in social life.

In Key Stage 2, the curriculum is planned and delivered through cross-curricular topic work.

Each year group focus on three topics (one per term) over the course of the year. Within each topic, teachers will plan to link as much of the learning as possible in each subject to the term’s theme. Of the three termly topics, it is usual for one to have a History emphasis, one Geography and the third Science. The topics each term are driven by the English curriculum and much of the children’s writing and reading will use the topic subject matter as content, while targeting the learning objectives set out in the English curriculum. Other areas of the curriculum will integrate to varying degrees in different topics.

In KS2 each morning, we learn Maths, English and Guided Reading. In the afternoons, we study a range of subjects including Science, PE, RE, PATHS, French and Computing.

History, Geography, Music, Art and DT are taught through topics enabling children to make links between subjects. Teaching staff always ensure these lessons are creative and hands on.

Each topic is introduced through a Curriculum 'WOW Start' Day, which is designed to engage children in their learning, and finishes with a 'Grand Finale' to celebrate all that has been achieved. Skills-based learning is developed by linking subjects such as History, Geography, Art, Design Technology and Music to the topic being explored. This allows children to make purposeful links in their learning. We also use every opportunity to make further links through Science, Computing and RE. PE and French are often taught as discreet subjects to allow coverage of the main objectives and age appropriate skill development.

Year 4 and 5 go swimming in the Autumn term for a period of two weeks every day. This intensive block of teaching enables the majority of our children to achieve the required standard of swimming (25m) by the end of their primary school career.

Throughout their journey at Christ Church CE, we aim to give the children a range of experiences beyond the classroom. We are driven by a vision of Outdoor Learning as a highly valued form of development and education. Each class will participate in at least six Outdoor Learning sessions, all linked to their current topic, from a range of trips to galleries, museums, historical buildings and other places of interest to Outdoor Learning sessions in our Forest School area, which help bring the curriculum to life. An added advantage of such outings is that they open the minds of the children (and often those of their parents and carers) to the variety of opportunities that both Birmingham and the wider world have to offer and how places such as museums and galleries are open and accessible to all. We have further enrichment activities through after school clubs.

Curriculum Overviews


World Book Day.
Children made Diva lamps for our Diwali celebration.

Art Week.
Science enquiry.

The power of music: Our choir in action!
Sculpture and painting with a local artist

Celebrating UN French Language Day.
Cookery Week 2019.