PATHS - Parent Awarness Workshops

14, 21 and 28 June 2018

Parents play a crucial part in helping their children develop their new skills including social and emotional skills.

As part of our commitment to improving the outcomes of our children and working with the parents we have invited the Christ Church parents to join us in the PATHS Parents Awareness Course.

The parents and their children were working together over 3 weeks to develop their understanding and confidence of the different core components of PATHS. We aimed to encourage the parents to explore the different PATHS strategies at home including: feelings cards, emotion wheels; establishing their house rules and consequences of actions, the importance of giving compliments, how to solve different emotional problems using effective strategies, how to deal with worries and to practice mindfulness activities.

Choosing emotion cards.
Making a pack.

Discussing emotions together.
Learning about emotions.

Comparing our feelings.
Preparing the emotion wheel.

Choosing the right responses.
Agreeing on how to solve problems together.

Putting bits together.

Calming down strategies agreed with Dad.
Twiggle helping to calm down.

Discussion and negotiation.
Final touches.

Choices and consequences agreed together.
Worry box to make worries disappear.

Mum took over to put all the pieces together.
Dad involved in the process of making the worry box for his family.

Compliments to myself.
Compliments to my daughter.

Compliments to my dad.
Our house rules agreed together.

Everyone engaged.
Negotiated the rules well.