PATHS - Corridor Displays

10 September 2016

At the beginning of the year the children in Christ Church School were thinking about the importance of learning PATHS and how it helps them to deal with their feelings.

The children have come up with various topics and they were discussing them in their lessons together with their teachers and friends. Each class have made a display in the school’s corridor telling us what they have found out.

Year 1 children though about giving others compliments and discussed how that makes them and other people feel.
Year 5 talked about cooperative learning.

Year 2 worked on giving others a smile and they discussed how this action may make others feel.
Year 4 were talking about different feelings, actions when we feel differently and how all this may affect other people’s feelings.

Year 6 discussed how important it is to be yourself and value who we are.
Year 3 talked about the importance of having good manners towards others and how it makes other people feel.