PATHS - Staff Inset Session

27 April 2018

After a busy day at school, the staff at Christ Church School needed a relaxing session.

Everyone willingly joined in the discussion on further improving PATHS teaching in our school and they all enjoyed playing the new PATHS board games. There were many emotions discovered.

We had so much fun and we laughed together. When we relaxed there was time for mindfulness. We tried new mindfulness techniques and play mindful -monsters game. It wasn’t hard at all. Everyone relaxed their body and mind, and they enjoyed tasting the treats on the table in slow motion.

Expressing feelings. How do you feel today? Why?
Acting out and discussing the feelings.

Recalling moments when we experienced different feelings.
How many emotions are there? 34.000 emotions! How do you deal with them?

Variety of books which cover different emotions.
‘Inside Out’ games - yummmm.

Roll and pick up the card. Can you solve the problem you got?
Some really good discussion about feelings.

Practising mindfulness. Eating in slow motion – Mouthwatering chocolate or juicy grapes?