PATHS - Music Workshop with 'The Katies'

23 and 30 November 2018

During our singing Collective Worship, on the 23rd and the 30th November, Christ Church School have been visited by famous musicians to take part in a music workshop.

The children found out about Folk Music, played different orchestra instruments, and they learnt ear-catching folk songs. What an amazing performance it was!

Thank you to 'The Katies'.

The Katies introduced themselves by playing a famous pop song by One Direction, together with the Piano Guys.
Introducing different types of instruments.

Chinese Whisper – The sound travels.Words change, like Folk Music which has never been written down.
Brazilian folk song about a wedding. A guitar and a kavel. What a sound!

Folk Bulgarian song using a cello and a Bulgarian whistle.
We learnt a Zulu warrior song.That was brilliant!

A chance to have a closer look at the instruments. How heavy the saxophone was!
Lots of questions. We thought that the saxophone was made of gold!

Amazing sound. How does it work?
Having a quick try on the piano.