PATHS - Whole School PATHS Day

29 June 2018

The whole school took part in PATHS activities.

Each class were working on an emotion and prepared presentations for the end of the day assembly. In the meantime, the children played PATHS games in the hall sharing their experiences and ideas.

The children worked collaboratively and have developed some good communication and meditation skills. They were all very enthusiastic and engaged in different activities. The outcomes of our work were really powerful.

Mindful monsters practice.
Questions and answers vs catching and throwing.

Anger game. Can you find the solution?
Empathy game. What will you do?

Who will help you solve your problems?

Reading MR Men Books.

In charge of my body.
Daphne is helping to read stories.

How can we calm down? Team Game.
Who is the angriest person in the world?

Expressing emotions.
Practising mindfulness. Stopping in time.

Take a deep breath.
How do you meditate?

Anger catcher.
Mindful monsters games.

Sharing stories.
Compliment to my friend.

Complimenting each other.
Who will you give a compliment to today?

Developing calming down strategies.

What are you proud of?
Would you like to play anger catcher game with us?

Reception are happy.
Year 1 are very proud.

Year 2 are curious, always asking many questions.
Year 3 are good friends.

Water Queen to the rescue. No more angry children.

Worry puppets to make your worries go away.