PATHS - Solving Problems Day

12 July 2019

On Paths Day, the children were thinking how to solve problems in different life situations.

Year 2 and Year 6 were working together to develop their relationships with children outside of their year group. Years 1 and 4 also worked together, as did Years 3 and 5.

What an amazing day it was!

Snake and Ladders. We were taking turns. Who is going to win?
Developing strategies for staying calm. We can do it!

Communicating with each other. Taking turns and making new friends.
Sharing stories with a new friend and having fun together.

Mindfulness games.
Mindful Monsters.

Youngest to oldest becoming friends.
Being mindful with my friends and sharing a game together.

Talking about our feelings.
Sharing and finding out new things about each other.

Being kind and giving compliments to friends.
Writing compliments.

Staying calm and developing new strategies to cope with the stresses of the day.
The Mr Men books were fantastic! We talked about our feelings.

We found many ways to stay safe outside of school.
Sharing books with each other.

Thinking really hard to come up with solutions to the problems.
Discovering more books about emotions.

Giving a compliment to myself.
Working together to solve problems.

Demonstrating good team work.
Playing games together.

Thinking of others and giving them a compliment.
Making new friends.

Learning about different characters from the Little Miss books. Little Miss Messy doesn’t look happy.
Playing fairly and enjoying the game.