PATHS - Reception Parents' Workshop

1 May 2018

We invited our parents to take part in our Reception PATHS Workshop. This was a great opportunity for them to find out all about PATHS at our school and how it can be used at home.

We all took part in PATHS activities. It was lots of fun!

Investigating new feelings.
Super proud of my compliment.

A compliment for my mummy.
My Paths Friends.

Feeling chain – so many of them.
Henrietta is feeling angry. What shall we do?

Wow! You told Mrs your compliment.
Talking to Duke about our feelings.

Busy with the compliment start.
A compliment for my mummy.

Twiggle is angry. What should he do?
My Paths friends.

Mummy is proud of me.
Who shall I play with?

A compliment for my sister.
Colouring Duke - in progress.

My feeling faces are ready to use.
Nearly there.

Twiggle is green.
Good cutting.

How do you feel today?
My turtle.

Are you making a turtle?
Henrietta is my favourite.