PATHS - Resilience Course: My Body

21 November 2018

On the 21st November 2018 Years 3 to 6 took part in the first part of the three-part resilience course. The focus of this workshop was understanding how their body can contribute to their wellbeing.

The children learnt breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and did Laughter Yoga.

Everyone was calm, and took the most out of this special treatment for their minds.

Relaxing their bodies by lying down.
Developing trust and confidence in undersanding what their bodies can do.

Totally in the zone.
Learning to breathe through the tummy using personalised paper boats.

Slow motion massage.
Working together to slow down and breathe.

It felt very peaceful.
Teachers taking their time to relax as well.

Stopping in the moment.
Everyone had their turn.

Laughter Yoga.
Kicking my legs in the air and laughing madly.

Lets laugh our souls out.
Appreciation thumbs up laughter.

Feedback and reflection time.