PATHS - Emotional Wellbeing Displays

12 September 2018

On the 12th of September, during their PATHS lessons, the whole school were learning about different aspects of the emotional wellbeing, how to improve their lives and make them happier at school and at home.

The children discussed different strategies to support their actions and discovered important strategies to becoming a better a pupil.

  • Early Years talked about their first days at school and how to be a brave pupil and how to find a positive way to their learning journey in Reception.
  • In Year 1 the children discovered how to be a good friend. They played friendship games and created a display to tell us the key to the success.
  • Year 2 discussed what it meant to be generous and what different ways they could find to show their generosity to others. They took part in a kindness deed activity and described what they did, the impact their actions had on others and how they felt about it.
  • Year 3 discussed how to be hopeful and how to look into the future in a positive way. The children worked on changing their mindset into I can and I believe.
  • Year 4 discussed different feelings that people may have, those comfortable and uncomfortable. They explored different ways of dealing with them and experimented with what impact their actions may have on others and themselves.
  • Year 5 focused on making good decisions. They practised different scenarios and developed a better understanding of how their actions and behaviour impact their wellbeing and safety.
  • Year 6 had a difficult task to perform. They looked at different conflicts that could happen in their lives and they searched for solutions in group discussions. They have found many interesting and positive ways to solve problems without hurting others and themselves.

Early Years.
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