Pupil Leaders

Meet some of the most important people at our school – the children!

School Council

Our School Council 2018/19.

Our School Council is made up of two elected representatives from each class between Years 2 to 6.

Children who saw themselves fit for the role decided to put their names forward and presented a manifesto to their classmates stating why they would be the most suitable candidate. Within their manifestos, children also expressed their visions on the changes they would like to make to better our school.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss the issues that are important to the children- whether school issues or difficulties faced in the local community. The children are very keen to support charities, arrange fundraising days as well as organising ‘fun’ learning days such as: Art and DT Day and Road Safety Day to ensure their peers have the opportunity to have a full experience of the broad and balanced curriculum.

The School Council’s focus this year is ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Future’. This was chosen specifically because the children would like to promote ‘Growth Mindset’ and encourage their peers to have a positive approach to their learning. Not only that, but the ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Future’ initiative also aims to inform children, as well as families about the importance of looking after our bodies.

We are looking forward to another productive year ahead of us!

Year School Councillors
Year 6 Emaan and Zheer
Year 5 Umar and Yasmin
Year 4 Habiba and Noor
Year 3 Fatima and Lu’ay
Year 2 Aqsa and Habban

The Faith Team

Meet the Faith Team 2018/19.

Our new Faith Team plays an important role in our Church School. The team meet twice every half term when they will discuss issues that are important to the children.

Part of their role includes:

  • Promoting our core school values (Charity, Patience, Hope and Faith) by being role models.
  • Ensuring that our Collective Worship Table and Reflective areas are kept clean and tidy.
  • Leading Collective Worship once every half term.
  • Monitoring Collective Worship alongside the Foundation Governors once every half term.
  • Helping in creating displays.
  • Encouraging children to say a ‘thank you’ prayer in the morning before they start their day and after they have eaten.
  • Gathering information from other children and parents about their views on worship and RE in school.
Year Faith Team Members
Year 6 Muath and Tasneem
Year 5 Abdulrahman and Mariam
Year 4 Ahad and Katie
Year 3 Iyesha and Miracle
Year 2 Madiya and Musa
Year 1 Aaliyah and Yahya

Collective Worship Monitors

Our Collective Worship Monitors in Year 6 prepare the hall for Collective Worship each morning. They have to put out chairs for the staff and benches for the Year 6 children. They close the curtains and make sure the computer and projector are set up ready for singing.

At the end of Collective Worship, they put away all of the chairs and benches and make sure the hall is ready for the next lesson or for lunch time. If there is a special celebration like Eid, Diwali or Christmas; they tidy the hall at the end which can be an enormous task!


Reading Buddies

Every Wednesday, after school, Year 5 and 6 children give up their time to run our successful Reading Buddies club. They support Year 2 and 3 children to read their reading book, before sharing reading for pleasure books.

The Buddies are trained to ask comprehension questions, help with sounding out and also to encourage their partner to predict what will happen next.

We love reading at Christ Church!



We are proud of our eco-achievements and have a real passion for making a difference to our environment. Our Eco-Team is the driving force behind the School’s journey towards sustainability.

All our hard work has been recognised and we have been awarded ‘The Sustainable School Platinum Award’! The children are very proud of this and will continue to build on their hard work and strive to improve year after year.

The Eco-Team is made up of two volunteer representatives from Years 3 to 6, members of staff and a Governor. The children are really enthusiastic!

They are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that Sustainability is at the heart of our school;
  • Taking the lead in carrying out the Environmental Reviews;
  • Ensuring that everyone in the school community is represented in the decision-making process;
  • Providing a link between pupils, teachers, senior management team, governors and the whole school community;
  • Promoting Outdoor Learning.

The team meet every half term, when they discuss ways to ensure that we reduce our environmental impact, and work hard to teach other pupils about ‘being green’.

Eco Council Current Focus: Outdoor Learning

This academic year, our Eco Council focus is to visualise a plan to develop our grounds for better outdoor learning. The children are working hard to promote the idea that we need to take every opportunity to make use of our Forest School area and have a love of outdoor learning.

Our journey is not over and the best is yet to come!

Year Eco Council Members
Year 6 Abdurahman and Mariam
Year 5 Arsalaan and Katie
Year 4 Bayan and Issa
Year 3 Soraya and Gilead