At Christ Church School, our school uniform is:

  • a navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan;
  • grey or black trousers/skirts or shorts in the summer;
  • a light blue or white shirt/t-shirt.

Girls can wear grey or black salweer kameez and blue and white dresses in the summer. If girls choose to wear a headscarf, it should be in the school colours.

You can buy a school jumper or cardigan with our school logo on it from our school office. The other items can be bought from most shops.

Our school uniform   Our school uniform

Please can you ensure all clothing and property are clearly marked with your child's name. No jewellery of any kind should be worn except studs for children with pierced ears and items of religious significance. Long hair should be tied up at all times.

PE and Swimming Kit

Children are required to wear a PE kit for physical development activities. The colours are blue and black and must include a t-shirt, shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms and suitable footwear for indoor and outdoor activities.

Please make sure that the kit is clearly marked with your child's name and that it is checked regularly as your child grows. The kit is best kept in a pump bag.

Children in Years 4 and 5 will go swimming in a two week block in the Autumn Term. They will need to remember their swimming costume and a towel for swimming sessions. Long hair must be tied up for swimming.

Our school uniform   Our school uniform